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PARIS-ROUBAIX CYCLOTOURISME is a road cycling event without ranking or timing, organized by the Vélo Club de Roubaix Cyclotourisme. PARIS-ROUBAIX CYCLOTOURISME is part of the charter of organizations of the French Federation of Cyclotourism (FFCT)

PARIS-ROUBAIX CYCLOTOURISME is open to anyone who has completed the registration form and paid the registration fees set by the organizer. For unaccompanied young people under 18 parental consent is required. This untimed event does not require a medical certificate or team license.

PARIS-ROUBAIX CYCLOTOURISME being a road cycling event where each participant agrees to comply with the provisions of the highway code and traffic.regulations.

Helmet use is mandatory.

A "Civil Liability" contract has been taken out by the organizer for all bodily injury and material damage caused to third parties, during the duration of the event, by a participant.

FFCT members are covered for bodily injury and damage to property that they suffer by the contract taken out when they join and within the limits of the guarantees offered by the chosen formula.

No-FFCT members are covered by a specific contract signed by the organizer for the duration of the ride. The guarantees are those of the so-called “Mini-Braquet” formula. The organizer cannot be committed beyond the guarantees provided for in this contract. Personal insurance is recommended if the participant wishes,to guarantee any loss not covered or to increase the amount of the guarantees.

The Vélo club de Roubaix Cyclotourisme declines all responsibility in the event of damage (theft, breakage, loss, etc.) suffered by the personal property of participants, even if the Vélo club de Roubaix Cyclotourisme ensures supervision. The participant, in his capacity as owner or tenant, expressly agrees to maintain custody of his personal property during the hike.

Participants undertake to respect the places which receive them and the surroundings of the roads used by PARIS-ROUBAIX CYCLOTOURISME. Participants may be held responsible for any damage observed.

It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage on the road. Bins are available at reception points.




For unaccompanied people under 18 parental consent is required


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On the whole route, environmental precautions are imposed on all participants, accompanying persons and volunteers :
- do not throw anything on the course,
- respect plantations, crops, fauna and flora

On the route, you will cross sensitive areas, regional natural parks, state forests, protected green areas, etc. as well as several areas classified as Natura 2000.

Here, more than anywhere, it is necessary to respect the environment with special measures.

The following obligations are added to Natura 2000 zones:
- Total ban on all motor vehicles
- Prohibition to leave the signposted route in order to avoid any destruction of flora and fauna
- Limit noise pollution

These rules are also applicable to accompanying persons